Purpose and Goals: A 15,000 sq.ft. building renovated to house outreach facilities, studio and gallery spaces,  modified to meet accessibility standards and maximize energy efficiency.  At the beginning this project had ambitious ecological ambitions, but due to other expansion decisions the college was not able to follow all from conception to reality. Passive solar and ventilation principles were incorporated to create a more efficient structure. To restructure administration offices incorporating better daylighting and ventilation to create a better work environment.

Innovative Techniques: The daylight shafts serves to naturally light and ventilate the spaces while second floor art studios are daylit with north facing sky lights to prevent glare.  The elevator shaft, made with fire-rated frosted glass is a light element as well.

Implementation: Project completed 2003 at a cost of $1.57 Million.

Demonstration Results: The building’s location and transformation has provided a strong cornerstone adjacent to other interesting sights in Toronto and allows access to all by replacing main exterior staircase with accessible entrance.

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