SPARTAN CAMP, Kiewiet/Staples Residence (2005)

Guilford's Cruiser Lake

Converts Ambient Energy into Thermal Energy.  Managed by conversion and storage of the energy for later use.

This ‘Assembly’ has to ‘see’ the sun for maximum effectiveness. We call it: 'Mass under Glass' (usually six times the area of the accompanying glazing).

All residences shown are precisely sited to maximize the sun’s effectiveness into the interior. The ‘Summer Plan’ shows that the interior is completely blanked from the sun by the roof’s overhang therefore avoiding overheating. The ‘Winter Plan’ shows the extent of the sun’s penetration into the interior.

The hearth, a stone or concrete mass (A.- red) with a "Natural" color (e.g. colors in the 0.5 to 0.7 absorptance range), together with clerestory windows provide a 2nd layer of heat absorption. This results in aggressive passive solar heated buildings that reduce heating energy needs by 75%. Minor sun tempering can reduce building auxiliary heating requirements from 5% to 25%. The houses built and under development using these principles require neither furnace nor air-conditioning.

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